In 2021, we were approached by a group of manufacturers who at the start of the pandemic had founded a website called UKMfgUnite. The goal was to help members ease some of the distortions in orders/capacity caused by lockdown. They asked us to take it over, knowing our passion for a more unified voice for UK manufacturing.UK Manufacturing United is the result.

It is a free-to-all platform for manufacturers and friends. All are welcome. Companies, individuals, membership groups, schools, universities, government, trade unions – whoever has something to say and something to share will find a home here.

It operates much like a social media site, but with differences. There are public groups, where like-minded networks can work together on idea and best practice. There are Articles and Blogs, where organisations can create shop windows for their videos, white papers and case studies. Event hosting and polls increase the opportunities for interaction.

Is it not just one more voice among the already wide array of voices in the sector, many of which are lost on the wind? No, it is a place where those voices can come together, focus power and wisdom, and project a positive image of manufacturing to as wide an audience as possible.

UK Manufacturing United is managed by ManufacturingTV, the central source for video news and features about and for manufacturers.